Webinars for Continuing Education

Basic Tutorials for Those New to the Use of Biomarkers

Accreditations (1 hour each): ACCME, ACCME-NP, ANCC, AOTA, APA, ASWB, JAIPCE, NYSED, NYSED-P (Need to create a free TRAIN account where you can access much more!). Alzheimer's Association and American College of Radiology also have free courses on Amyloid-related imaging abnormalities (ARIA)-see Education page.

Examining Diagnostic Approaches to Dementia Care Through Use of Biomarkers, Allyson Rosen and Suzanne Schindler, GRECC-Connect (through TRAIN)

Ethical and Practical Issues in Disclosure of Dementia Risk, Scott Roberts (genetic testing) and Emily Largent (biomarker testing), GRECC-Connect (through TRAIN)

Biomarker-Based Medical Treatments, Peter Ljubenkcov and Steven Chao (through TRAIN)

Biomarker Test Readiness for Clinical UseNadezda Radoja (FDA rules), Michelle Mielke (challenges to interpretation) - (through TRAIN)

Biofluid Based Biomarkers in Neuropsychiatric Syndromes Series

The First Webinar, October 2021 (with Corinne Fischer & Rawan Tarawneh)

The Disparities Webinar, February 2022 (with Paulo Bertolucci & Ganesh M. Babulal) 

The Metabolic Derangements Webinar, June 2022 (with George Perry & Ramit Ravona-Springer)

The Early Career Researcher Webinar, November 2022 (with Fabrizia D'Antonio & Maryam Ghahremani)

The Multi-Modal Biomarker Webinar, February 2023 (with Jennifer R. Gatchel & Fabio H. G. Porto)

The Pharmacological Management Webinar, June 2023 (with Krista L. Lanctôt & Chi Udeh-Momoh)

The Diagnostic Challenges Webinar, November 2023 (with Zahinoor Ismail & Fabricio Oliveira)

The Tenets Webinar, February 2024 (with Julius Popp & William Zeigler Potter)

The Alzheimer's Association has much more!  (https://training.alz.org/ClinicalEducation) 

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