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About Us and How to Join

To join AGREEDementia, reach out to the coordinating leads to be placed on our mailing list which will enable you to join our meetings, and access the shared knowledge base. Also identify a workgroup where you feel you best fit to connect with like minds and develop shared goals.  

Coordinating Leads:


Fabricio Oliveira

Workgroup Leads and Structure

Communication to Symptomatic

Annalise Rahman-Filipiak

Nate Chin

Lindsay Clark

Communication to Asymptomatic

Deborah Blacker 

Malia Rumbaugh

Genetics: Ellen Wijsman/

Epidemiology: Deborah Blacker

Biomarker Fluid: Michelle Mielke / Douglas  Galasko

Neuroimaging -  Ben Brett-


Li San Wang

Monica Parker

Neelum Agarwal

Aims of the Group

Aim 1: Evaluate - What is the current evidence available on dementia risk indicators?

Aim 2: Guide - How should we provide effective education? When should we not share risk information because there is not strong evidence that it is valid?

Aim 3: Consult -What are the ethical and legal risks? How can we inform and protect people and potentially balance risks and benefits?

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